About Stefan

Paleobotanist and plant evolutionary biologist with extensive training and experience in the collection and curation of both fossil and extant plants. Researcher since 2006 doing interdisciplinary work across the areas of experimental plant biology, natural history museums, living plant collections, herbaria, forestry, proteomics, and transcriptomics. Focus on collaborative and creative approaches to research, teaching, and public outreach.

Through effective communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills, the ability to lead, supervise and motivate an interdisciplinary team. Provide projects with effective goal orientation, positive coaching and collaborative problem solving.

Extensive experience planning and leading complex projects in plant paleontology and evolutionary biology research through to publication, including lectures and online media.

Proven ability to communicate with both experts and the public, to competitively acquire funding, and has a strong interest in growing, preserving, and disseminating knowledge.